Rapper Jim Jones Workout Routine And His Weight Gain Revealed!

Rapper Jim Jones workout routine

Jim Jones has discovered a fountain of youth in the form of fitness. The 45-year-old Diplomats rapper cites his gym dedication for making him feel better than he has in almost any other time in his life. If you are looking for tips to stay fit and build muscle, rapper Jim Jones’ workout might work out for you.¬†

At 45, rapper Jim Jones feel better than he did when he was 20. Thanks to his commitment to training and fitness, he feels healthier and confident than ever, which keeps him at the top of his game, both physically and mentally.

He says:

“I feel better than I did when I was 25 or maybe better than I was when I was 20.”

So, what or who drove rapper Jim Jones into fitness? And, how does his Calisthenics Workout look like? Let’s find out:

Jim Jones Girlfriend is His Inspiration for Fitness

Growing up, rapper Jim Jones was an athlete. So, he has been active since he was a teen.

According to Jones, his longtime girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkin, was the one who inspired him to commit to training and fitness as a lifestyle. He recalls:

“She was like, baby boy, you’re gonna need to put some weight on or this is not gonna work. So she was actually the first person to take me to a gym and teach me some workout regimens.”

Rapper Jim Jones girlfriend
Rapper Jim Jones and his long-term beau Chrissy Lampkin. Photo credit: 2020 Getty Images

That introduction grew into a larger lifestyle commitment, with the rapper even launching his Vamp Fit initiative to emphasize his training techniques.

Jim Jones Weight Gain Through Training

Unlike some other celebrities who turn to training as a way to slim down after a career of touring and excess, rapper Jim Jones’ concentration on fitness has been in service of bulking up.

Rapper Jim Jones before and after weight gain
Rapper Jim Jones before and after weight gain. ©dietandworkouts.com

Jones revealed that he’s acquired huge amount of muscle since making working out a top priority, gaining about 30 pounds in the process. But he isn’t done yet.

The Harlem-bred rapper wishes to put on another five to seven pounds to take him back up to the 200 pound threshold.

Rapper Jim Jones Workout: His Typical Calisthenics Routines

If you are expecting to hit a treadmill then you’re in the wrong direction. To get heart rate up, rapper Jim Jones has found other ways, like weighted sled work.

Rapper Jim Jones workout
Photo credit: Instagram/jimjonescapo

He says:

“I don’t really like to do too much cardio. I’m not gonna come in and get on the treadmill for 30 minutes, I’m not gonna climb up the Empire State Building on the StairMaster.”

Jones believes that exercise has no age restrictions, which is why he urges everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, to move their bodies in some way.

Jim Jones Calisthenics Workout

Pullup Bar Superset

A. Weighted Pullup

10 reps

B. Leg Raises

10 reps


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Pushup Superset

A. Dumbbell Pushup

20 reps

B. Squat to Curl

10 reps

C. Dip with Leg Lift

10 reps

D. Hanging Top-Half Leg Raise

10 reps

Sled Work

A. Sled Push to Sled Pull

100 yards

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