Peloton Instructor Tunde Oyeneyin’s Weight Loss Journey: How Did She Lose Weight?

Tunde Oyeneyin weight loss journey

Known for her no-nonsense workouts, Tunde Oyeneyin is a cyclic instructor for Peloton, where she plans and hosts live and on-demand workout classes. She brings an unmatched positive energy to the Bike, fueled by personal experiences, perseverance, and powerful playlists. There’s no denying that you’ll feel on top of the world once you leave her classes.

The 5-foot-7 cycling instructor, who has sculpted abs and superhero arms, once battled obesity and wore a size 18. Now, she encourages bike riders to push themselves to their mental and physical limits.

Tunde Oyeneyin Peloton instructor
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Naturally, her shredded and toned body has many amateur cyclists wondering about her weight loss journey. Beyond the Tabata queen’s diehard workouts, fans want to know: How did Tunde Oyeneyin lose weight?

Keep reading for Tunde Oyeneyin’s weight loss journey and find out how much weight she lost.

Tunde Oyeneyin Struggled With Weight As A Kid

It’s hard to believe that Peloton trainer Tunde Oyeneyin ever battled obesity. But growing up, she was the biggest girl in her class. And by the time Oyeneyin was 13, she weighed 200 pounds and wore a size 18.


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The 35-year-old former makeup artist from Houston, Texas, recalls:

“I remember knowing I was this fun person, but I would never laugh too hard. If I laughed hard, people would recognize I was in the room. I didn’t want anyone to notice me.”

As the descendant of two Nigerians, food has always been a focal point in her culture. So, the young Oyeneyin often found herself at fast food restaurants, resulting in her to struggle with weight.

Tunde Oyeneyin motivation
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When Tunde Oyeneyin was in eighth grade, she was a bridesmaid in her aunt’s wedding and the dress her aunt chose for her didn’t come in her size. Later, her mother ended up sewing together two of the dresses that didn’t fit to make one dress. That was when Oyeneyin knew she needed to make change.

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Tunde Oyeneyin Weight Loss Journey: How Did She Lost Weight?

After realizing that she needed to shed some pounds off her body, Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin decided to embark on a weight loss journey.

The young Oyeneyin took a big step, getting a gym membership by scrounging together $48. She started with using one machine everyday and eventually she worked up the courage to take an aerobics class.

Tunde Oyeneyin weight loss journey
Photo credit: Instagram/tune2tunde

At first, Oyeneyin set out to lose 50 pounds. She started working out for an hour everyday to achieve her weight loss goal. She also started living a very clean lifestyle, avoiding fast foods and taking control of her calories.

Her weight gradually started coming off and finally, she shed off 50 pounds after a few months.

Tunde Oyeneyin’s Suggestion For Beginners

As a Peloton trainer, Tunde Oyeneyin makes sure to remind beginners that weight loss journey is a forever journey. She says:

“You don’t just lose weight and then just magically stay there. It’s a lifelong, forever journey.”

Oyeneyin also suggests to not allow the scale to dictate your self-worth and value. Rather than focusing on what you are losing, she insists to focus on what you’re gaining. She says self-confidence, self-love, and hard working friends plays a vital role in achieving your weight loss goal.

Tunde Oyeneyin fitness inspiration
Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin suggests people to love their body. Photo credit: Instagram/tune2tunde

Oyeneyin always tells her riders that ‘your mind is your strongest muscle.’ She says:

“Ultimately, your mind controls the way you see your entire life. Your mind controls everything. Absolutely, your quads or glutes assist you in a squat, but your mind first tells you that you are capable of pressing the weight in that squat. Once you get the hell out of your own way, watch as all the beauty starts to unfold in your life.”

At last, Tunde Oyeneyin says that being physically healthy isn’t enough, you should be mentally strong as well. So, before embarking on a fitness or weight loss journey, one should never let self-doubt overcome their self-confidence.

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